Ten simple steps to be part of the solution

  1. Eat low on the food and marketing chain; shop from the store's perimeter.
  2. Stick with organic or sustainably-grown produce when possible. A study found that children who ate only organic produce had one-sixth the level of pesticides in their bodies of those who ate conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.
  3. Eat local—most food travels 1,500 miles on average.
  4. Try a farmers' market or CSA (Community Shared Agriculture).
  5. Eat at restaurants that support local growers.
  6. Shop at stores that procure from local and organic growers and if your store, doesn't, ask the produce manager to stock such items.
  7. Grow your own community garden or in your own yard. A 15 x 15 ft. plot can grow $600 worth of food on an annual basis.
  8. Get in the kitchen! Plan and cook meals with your family and friends.
  9. Join Saskatchewan Organic Directorate.
  10. Vote with your fork in the voting booth and with your dollars every day.