An Invitation to Explore

These resources—ranging from elementary to high school—are intended to introduce Saskatchewan's young people to:

  • local organic food production in the province
  • the social, economic and environmental benefits of organic
  • being actively involved—from growing to purchasing to eating

Teachers, young people and their families are invited to learn from these materials


Sustainable Development and Local, Organic Foods (1.6 MB)

This unit gives an overview of all the units. Lesson plans will be found in the other units.

These resources, ranging from elementary to high school, are intended to introduce Saskatchewan young people to local, organic food production in the province, the ways in which it benefits our people, economy and environment, and how young people can be actively involved from growing to purchasing to consumption.

Introduction to Elementary Units

Ancient Wisdom of Interdependence – The Three Sisters (2 MB)

This set of lessons will incorporate material to challenge elementary age children to think about their food and its source. They will learn about some first nations’ cultural background, issues about pesticides and herbicides, water and other resources and caring for our home the earth. Some lessons will have them working with plants and animals and some lessons have them working with elders. The Lessons will contain related links and necessary paperwork for ease of teaching.

Middle Years—Food and sustainable development

Units of study applicable to Science, Health, Social Studies, Language Arts and Career Education. Curriculum objectives are included.

  • Unit One (8.1 MB) introduces students to the connections between their food choices and ecological foot prints, and making healthy choices.
  • Unit Two (1.3 MB) introduces the students to climate change and the need for individual and community responses to help mitigate it.
  • Unit Three (2.2 MB) introduces students to living soils, Ecological footprint, Implcations of Food Miles and Sustainability including the use of local and organic foods in the Canada Food Guide

High School—Food Studies

  • Unit one: Current Food Issues (4.4 MB)

    • To develop the desire and ability to access knowledge about issues and obtain factual information before forming opinions about food related issues
    • To be aware of and practice environmental protection through conservation and recycling.
  • Unit two: Science of Nutrition (2.6 MB)

    • To understand the importance of the science of nutrition
    • To better understand the social and cultural aspects of food for all people.
    • To develop the desire and ability to access knowledge about issues and obtain factual information before forming opinions about food related issues.
  • Unit three: Make Mine Quick and Healthy (5.4 MB)

    • To be creative when applying knowledge about nutrition to food preparation.

Sustainable Living and Sustainable Ecosystems: A Grade 10 Science Unit