DVDs and Books

You can borrow any of these resources from the Saskatchwan Organic Directorate; the only cost is for postage each way. Contact us for more information.

  1. King Corn: You are What you Eat

    In this crowd-pleasing documentary, two college friends decide to explore the origins of the food on their plates the hard way: by growing it themselves. After discovering the prevalence of corn in the American diet (thanks largely to corn syrup and meat raised on corn), Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis attempt to raise their own crop in rural Iowa. Trailer

  2. Food Inc.

    This video is a definite must see. It will really help you to understand where your food comes from and how no care is given to the end result to the consumer. It shows how corporations are all about growing/harvesting/processing as much as they can in the quickest possible way & they do not seem to care who is hurt along the way. This creates nutritionally devoid foods which cause illnesses. Please take the time to watch & share this film. It will encourage you to make healthier changes to your life. Wow!! I will be eating organic, vegan and raw as much as I can. Trailer

  3. 11th Hour

    A special look at the earth and how we as a species are abusing it. This documentary is filled with well known scientists around the world, who are trying to metaphorically shake us all up and make us want to change what is happening to our planet. Great show for students in a classroom or families at home. Nice visuals that keep youth and adults hooked and very interested. The 11th hour solutions (the second part of the DVD) is just fascinating. Scientists explain that our technology still has a lot to learn from nature, that animals and plants might be more complex (intelligent?) then we think, how a fungus could save us from bioterrorism, etc. Trailer

  4. Fast Food Nation

    Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation traces the birth of an everyday, ordinary burger through a chain of riveting, interlocked human stories - from a hopeful, young immigrant couple who cross the border to work in a perilous meat-packing plant, to a teen clerk who dreams of life beyond the counter; to the corporate marketing whiz who is shocked to discover that his latest burger invention - The Big One - is literally full of manure. As the film traverses from pristine barbeque smoke labs to the volatile U.S.-Mexican border, it unveils a provocative portrait of all the yearning, ambition, corruption and hope that lies inside what America is biting into. Trailer

  5. Food Matters

    With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what's wrong with our malnourished bodies, it's no wonder that modern society is getting sicker. Food Matters sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide 'sickness industry' and gives people some scientifically verifiable solutions for overcoming illness naturally. The focus of the film is in helping us rethink the belief systems fed to us by our modern medical and health care establishments. Trailer

  6. The Real Dirt on Farmer John

    82 minutes

    This is the true story of a third-generation, Illinois farmer, John Peterson, who struggles to stay afloat as family farms decline. He eventually hits bottom — setting up a kooky hippie commune on the ancestral land — then pulls himself together to become a leader in CSA agriculture as head of Angelic Organics and an organic farmer. Trailer

  7. Farmer John's Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables

    Features seasonal recipes, stories, fresh insights, and unusual revelations by nutrition experts, shareholders, farm workers, and Farmer John himself.

  8. World According to Monsanto


    Monsanto's controversial past combines some of the most toxic products ever sold with misleading reports, pressure tactics, collusion, and attempted corruption. They now race to genetically engineer (and patent) the world's food supply, which profoundly threatens our health, environment, and economy. Combining secret documents with first-hand accounts by victims, scientists, and politicians, this widely praised film exposes why Monsanto has become the world's poster child for malignant corporate influence in government and technology. A film by Marie-Monique Robin. Trailer

  9. GMO Trilogy


    This three-disc set includes: Unnatural Selection (60 min. DVD), an award-winning film documenting the impact of GM crops and animals; Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals (104 min. DVD), on the dangers of genetically engineered foods for kids; and You're Eating WHAT (see below) Summary

  10. You're Eating WHAT?

    (60 min. CD)

    A lecture describing the health dangers of genetically engineered foods and how industry manipulation and political collusion allow them into diet.
    Produced by Jeffrey M. Smith Clips

  11. Future of Food


    Shot on location in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, this popular film investigates how multinational corporations seek to control the world's food system through patented, genetically engineered food and gives a voice to farmers whose lives have been negatively impacted by this new technology. Trailer

  12. The Corporation


    Provocative, witty, sweepingly informative, this winner of 24 international awards includes 40 interviews with corporate insiders and critics, footage from pop culture, and corporate propaganda. More than 8 hours of additional footage. Trailer

  13. Sweet Misery


    This documentary presents possible long-term effects of aspartame through interviews with doctors, lawyers and people who claim to have serious health problems associated with this genetically engineered sweetener.

  14. Silent Forest


    The film details the dangerous impacts of genetically engineered trees on human health, native forests, forest-dwelling indigenous peoples and wildlife. Narrated by Dr. David Suzuki.

  15. Hidden Dangers in Kid's Meals


    This video contains a 20-minute video on the dangers of genetically engineered foods for a kid, a 60-minute lecture by Jeffrey Smith, and a 15-minute documentary on the dramatic changes in behavior at a Wisconsin school after healthy food was introduced.

  16. Seeds of Deception

    Book by Jeffrey Smith

    Exposing industry and government lies about the safety of the genetically engineered foods you're eating.

    Seeds of Deception, the explosive exposé by Jeffrey M. Smith, documents significant health dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods and the intense industry influence and political corruption that allow them on the market. Hailed as the best book on the topic, many believe that the revelations in this book can topple an industry.

  17. Genetic Roulette

    Book by Jeffrey M. Smith

    Eating genetically modified food is gambling with every bite. The biotech industry's claim that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe is shattered in this groundbreaking book. Sixty-five health risks of the foods that Americans eat every day are presented in easy-to-read two-page spreads. The left page is designed for the quick scanning reader; it includes bullets, illustrations, and quotes. The right side offers fully referenced text, describing both research studies and theoretical risks. The second half of Genetic Roulette shows how safety assessments on GM crops are not competent to identify the health problems presented in the first half.

    This book, prepared in collaboration with a team of international scientists, is for anyone wanting to understand GM technology, to learn how to protect themselves, or to share their concerns with others. It is presented in the clear, accessible style that made Jeffrey Smith's Seeds of Deception the world's best-selling book on genetically engineered foods. As the world's most complete reference on the health risks of GM foods, Genetic Roulette is also ideal for schools and libraries.

  18. Your Right to Know


    Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food provides a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute guide on the very real dangers genetically engineered foods present to our health, the environment, and farm communities. Written by Andrew Kimbrell with a foreword by Nell Newman, this book provides you with all the necessary tools to understand this critical food issue, to choose to avoid GE foods and to become an active participant in the fight for an organic, environmentally sustainable and socially just food future. Also included is a Pocket Shopper's Guide!

  19. Fresh

    DVD 72 minutes

    FRESH celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system. Each has witnessed the rapid transformation of our agriculture into an industrial model, and confronted the consequences: food contamination, environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, and morbid obesity. Forging healthier, sustainable alternatives, they offer a practical vision for a future of our food and our planet.

    Among several main characters, FRESH features urban farmer and activist, Will Allen, the recipient of MacArthur’s 2008 Genius Award; sustainable farmer and entrepreneur, Joel Salatin, made famous by Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma; and supermarket owner, David Ball, challenging our Wal-Mart dominated economy.

  20. At the Trough

    The hog industry came to Manitoba in a big way. At the Trough shows how and why citizens fought back—and the kind of alternatives they are creating. The film was produced in partnership with Beyond Factory Farming.

  21. Eat Away Illness - 2nd Edition


    Heal your body physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually! Simple to use format, theory on one side and recipes on the other.

    Readers will learn that they often do not need prescription or over the counter drugs to treat or avoid diseases. Healing by eating natural, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods, along with information on holistic healing (physical, hormonal, and emotional) gives people the inputs they need to overcome many symptoms or prevent illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes and all auto-immune diseases, any bowel disorders, digestion problems, menopausal symptoms, PMS, cancers and many more.

    Anyone who eats will benefit from this book! It contains many helpful tips for meal planning and shopping. This book has approximately 200 recipes that do not contain white flour, sugar, and bad fat. These processed ingredients are often harmful to healthy metabolism and feeling good. All recipes have gluten-free and dairy-free directions.

  22. Cook your way to Health


    Heal your body from the inside out with these nutrient dense foods!

    This 208 page coil bound cookbook features: no sugar, all natural sweeteners, no white flour, all whole grain, unprocessed and whole foods, no trans fats,Gluten free and Dairy free.

    There are 22 color photos, some protein, carb and fiber charts, Ideal Diet Guidelines and more.

    These recipes all contribute to increased immunity, energy, weight loss, and healing through reducing and/or eliminating symptoms of disease.

    Note: Gluten free - this book is an excellant resouce, due to the high nutritional value of ALL of the foods used in replacing wheat. There are no empty foods such as white rice flour, potato starch, etc., and no questionable or artificial sweeteners.

    Recipes are easy to find and easy to use. The glossary explains any food terms you may be unfamiliar with.