Dining with the Stars: Event Twelve


Friday, January 21, 2011 - 5:30pm

Radisson Plaza Hotel Saskatchewan

2125 Victoria Avenue

Phone for reservations: 306-522-7691 or 306-543-8732

Guest celebrity

Gene Makowsky - Saskatchewan Rough Riders and Rory Allen

Star chef

Chef Milton Rebello

Guest producer

Dave and Hazel Tanner - Pure T Organics, Don and Donna Kizlyk - D and D Market Garden, Dean Kruetzer - Over the Hill Orchard, Wes and Laureen Labrash - Labrash Homestead Organics, Bob Balfour, R and J Milling

Other Producers: Lily and Rose Farm, Living Sky Winery, Brecknock Brewing, Delores Richardson, Clear Creek Organics, Riese's Canadian Organic Wild Lake Rice, Dad's Organics, Nature's Best, McBride Farms


Fresh Organic bread made on site from Spelt Flour, Wild Rice Flour and Sunflower Seeds


Peppered Goat Cheese

Mini Lentil Falafel with Roasted Garlic

Gazpacho Shooters

Wine: Sumac Ridge Stellar Gay


Pumpkin and Cinnamon Late / Smoked Trout Tatar with Capers and Jalapeno on Sunflower Bread, Beet/Carrot basket Crisps

Wine: 2010 Living Sky - Raspberry


Cucumber wrapped Winter Greens with Cherry Tomatoes, Gooseberries, Candied Sunflower Seeds and Raspberry Vinaigrette


Chanterelle and Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Tarragon infused Cottage Cheese and Garlic Toast

Wine: 2010 Living Sky - Rhubarb


Cherry and Ice Wine Sorbet


Splentil and Lamb infused with Garam Masala, encased in Yellow Heritage Potatoes; served with Chili Tomato Sauce and Crispy Potato Shavings

Wine: Temple Bruer Organic Shiraz, Malbec, Australia


Beer Braised Beef with Saskatoon berries, accompanied with Barley and Wild Rice Risotto and Maple Roasted Root Vegetables


Tarte Tartin with Vanilla infused Goat Milk Ice Cream


Chocolate Covered Over the Hill Cherries

Beef - Clear Creek Organics - gene.pat.kessler@sasktel.net

Organic Spelt,Lentil and Wheat Flour, Ravioli - R and J Milling - bbalfour@sasktel.net

Lamb - Lily and Rose Farm - lilyrose@sasktel.net

Potatoes, Parsnips, Beets, Garlic and Onions - D and D Market Garden - dkizlyk@sasktel.net

Lentils, Splentil, Pumpkins, Barley and Flax - Pure T Organics - pure.t.organics@sasktel.net

Prairie Cherry Splash, Chocolate dipped Cherries and Apples - Over the Hill Orchard - info@overthehillorchards.ca

Cilantro, Parsley, Basil and Parsnips - LaBrash Homestead Organics - Laureenlabrash@gmail.com

Wines, Raspberry, Cherry and Rhubarb - Living Sky Winery - info@livingskywinery.com

Garam Masala - Natures Best - naturesbest@sasktel.net

Organic Wild Rice - Riese's Canadian Wild Lake Rice - mailto:riese@wildlakerice.com

Organic Beer - Brecknock Brewing - cory@generalbioenergy.ca

Tomatoes, cucumbers and greens - Dad's Organic Market - carl@dadsorganicmarket.com

Raspberries, tomatoe sauce - McBride Farms - b.mcbride@sasktel.net