Dining with the Stars: Event Seven

Regina, SK

Monday, December 20, 2010 - 6:00pm

Beer Brothers

1801 Scarth Street

Phone for reservations: 306-586-2337 or Marion McBride at 306-543-8732

Guest celebrity

Tim, Shirley aaaaand Woody from the Morning Show of Jack FM

Star chef

Chef Malcolm

Guest producer

Bob Balfour, R and J Milling - Flour and Pasta,

Dean Kruetzer, Over the Hill Orchards - Fruit,

Don and Donna Kizlyk, D and D Market Garden - Vegetables,

Other Producers and Providers

Gene and Pat Kessler, Clear Creek Organics - Meats,

Lynn and Iris Riese, Canadian Wild Lake Rice - wild rice,

Lyn Brown, Bedard Creek Acres, Black Pansy Syrup,

Nature's Best Market - Dairy products, oil, onions, eggs,

Laureen and Wes LaBrash, Homestead Green House - Organic Herbs,

Kalala Organic Winery - Wine pairings


In House Organic Breads made with Mill St. Organic Lager served with Organic Butter

Chicken, Vegetable and Wild Rice Broth Soup

Lamb, Pea and Mint Perogies on In House Made Creme Fraiche and Garlic Pork Sausage finished with a Lamb and Mint Reduction

Braised Bison Short Ribs on Organic Spaghetti Noodles and a Carrot Pudding

Pot Roast Knuckle of Lamb in Herbs and Sundried Tomatoes topped with Herby Cheese, Vanilla Beet Balls and Roasted Parsnip

Chicken, Cramy Sauce and Garden Peas topped with Organic Flour and Parmesan Biscuit

Steak Fites, and Bison Strip Loin Duaon Chicken Fried Potatoes topped with an extra Virgin Olive Oil Poached Egga nd Basil Pesto

Raspberry Brulee Tartlet, drizzeled with Black Pansy Syrup Crispy Pastry Shell filled with Raspberry Cream and Crisp Sugar Crust

Red and White Wines from Kalala Organic Winery Organic Beers from Mill Street

Fruits:Over the Hill Orchard - info@overthehillorchards.ca

Vegetables: D and D Market Garden - dkizlyk@sasktel.net

Organic flour and Pasta: R and J Milling: bbalfour@sasktel.net

Lamb, Bison, Chicken and Pork sausage: Clear Creek Organics -gene.pat.kessler@sasktel.net

Organic Herbs: Homestead Organics - Laureenlabrash@gmail.com

Syrups: Bedard Creek Acres - lyn@bedardcreekacres.ca www.bedardcreekacres.ca/

Wild Rice: Riese's Wild Lake Rice - riese@wildlakerice.com

Organic Wine Pairings: Kalala Organic Winery - www.kalalawines.ca/ karnail@kalala.ca

Organic Groceries: naturesbest@sasktel.net

The Conversation - Scintillating, The Food Scrumptous and Plentiful - Chef Malcolm pulled out all the stops