Dining with the Stars: Event Five


Monday, November 29, 2010 - 6:00pm

The Abbey

2124 Albert Street

Phone for reservations: 545 8811 or Marion at 543 8732 Sold Out

Guest celebrity

Jack Semple - Thrilling guitar and vocals with surprise guests to fill our hearts.

Star chef

Chef Russell Williams and the Abbey team

Guest producer

Tim and Brenda Brodt, Clear Creek Organics / Dad's Organic Market - Meats,

Don and Donna Kizlyk, D and D Market Gardens - Vegetables

Other contributing producers

Lynn and Iris Riese - Canadian Organic Lake Wild Rice,

Bob Balfour or R and J Milling, Flour for the baked products


Half circles of Fresh Organic Bread dressed with Herb Infusion

Candy Cane Beet and Cabbage Borscht Saskatchewan Organic Beet and Cabbage Soup Topped with Whipped Tofu Cream

Organic Mixed Green Mixed Green Salad Dressed with Saskatchewan Organic Onion infused Olive Oil and Organic Parsnip Chips

Boeuf Bourguignon Saskatchewan Free Range Organic Fed Beef and Bacon Bourguignon Red Wine Chianti Glaze

Garlic Farmer Sausage and Risotto Con Le Lenticchie Organic Saskatchewan Pork Sausage and Homemade Beer-Thyme Mustard Organic Rice and Lentil Risotto Topped with Parmigiano

Organic Beef and Organic Rice Cabbage Rolls Saskatchewan Free Range Organic Fed Beef & Long Grain Organic Rice Rolls Paired with Honey Glazed Organic Butternut Squash

Organic Whipped Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Mousse in Vanilla & Chocolate Twill and Clotted Cream Glaze

Sweet Potato Tart Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Tart & Honey Toasted Marshmallow

Abbey Organic Ale

Meats - Clear Creek Organics - Gene Kessler, gene.pat.kessler@sasktel.net

Cabbage and Root Vegetables - D and D Market Garden - Don and Donna Kizlyk dkizlyk@sasktel.net

Flour and lentils - RJ Milling - Bob Balfour - bbalfour@sasktel.net

Salad greens, olive oil, rice, squash, chocolate, clotted cream, - Dad's Organic Market - carl@dadsorganicmarket.com

We had a fantastic evening with great local organic foods and the wonderful music of Jack Semple who at times was accompanied by Mr Ed Minevich and his violin and their friend Nadeem Naz on bongo drums.