Certified Organic

Inspected and verified as following organic production, processing and handling regulations.


A holistic system of production based on principles that support healthy food, land and communities. Organic products are produced using biological and ecological approaches instead of synthetic herbicides or pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones.

Pesticide free

An unregulated term. No pesticides are used while the crops are growing. They may be used before seeding or after harvest. Fertilizers and GMOs are not necessarily banned.

Neither organic or pesticide free guarantees that products are free from pesticides, only that pesticides are not intentionally introduced. Pesticides are frequent contaminants in rainwater and cannot be entirely eliminated.


An unregulated term that often refers to meat that is raised without growth hormones and is minimally processed.

Free Range

An unregulated term that generally means that animals are not battery caged, but allowed to move around. They may or may not have access to the outdoors.

Pasture Fed

An unregulated term that generally means that animals roam freely outdoors, eating pasture plants. Animals such as poultry and pigs need supplemental feed. Cattle and bison are routinely grown on pasture for a major part of their lives.

Grain Finished

Beef animals are usually finished on grain, which allows them to gain weight rapidly, and put on fat which makes more tender meat.

Pasture Finished

Pasture finished beef animals are reared entirely on pasture. This results in leaner beef, with higher levels of healthy CLAs. Even animals that need some grain have healthier fat levels if they also have the opportunity to graze on pasture.